Monday, November 2, 2009

Yet another attempt to write and journal my thoughts

Hello. I often feel when first getting acquainted it is important to get some of the less interesting formalities out of the way. So here goes: I am 23 years old, born (and raised) in Orlando, Florida on December 8th, 1985. I am a sagittarius and have no idea what that means or how it affects my life in the slightest. Any other questions? No? Good, let us begin.

So I am in graduate school, despite years of telling myself that I would never go to graduate school and that once I received my Bachelor's I was out of there. But, as is often the case, God had other plans. So I find myself in my second year in a 90-hour Divinity School program. Not only that, but I work as a Graduate Resident Director on campus for a guys' dorm, which houses about 100 guys. So life can be stressful at times, to say the least.

Well, anyway. I have heard that writing your thoughts can be therapeutic and relaxing and I could definitely use some relaxation. So once again I am chronicling my life so that I might find some rejuvenation and healing.

Ok. I am preaching for the first time ever this Sunday! I know, it sounds crazy, but I think I have at least developed a picture (fuzzy and obscure, though it may be) of what I am going to preach about. That sounds really weird-what I am going to preach about. Hmm, my mom always told me I should get involved in preaching, so did one of my undergraduate professors. Well, I guess this will be a measure for me to determine whether I should consider preaching vocationally or keep away from it. Prayers are always appreciated!

Ok, I think I am gonna stp for now, before I talk your ears off. Plus I should get some sleep or homework done-one of the two.

Later, gator


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