Friday, November 6, 2009

How soon until Christmas?

Well, hello Friday, when did you get here? This week has gone by so fast! That is probably due in part to the fact that I didn't want the weekend to get here and time often seems to flow the opposite of how you want it. How self-centered we really are.

I finished writing the outline of my sermon, and when I say outline, I mean outline. It is really short and I wonder how long it will be when I actually go through it. I don't know, I've never really been one to practice speeches, etc over and I will definitely go through it once and see how it goes from there.

5 weeks of classes left! That is crazy, but I am so ready for the break-in fact, I could probably go for some Christmas music right about now. Man I am in a weird mood.

Anyway, pray for me this weekend-it is going to be long and draining.

Later, gator


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