Thursday, July 28, 2011

The power of a letter

So most of my posts are long and retrospective...or at least some semblance of that. This one, however, is just something simple.

One thing I love is being able to encourage other people. It is so awesome to know that you can make a difference and help someone else. However, there are times when I feel so drained from having given so much and not having received anything in return. Don't get me wrong-I am not saying I do these things to receive accolades or to get something in return, would be nice every so often to get some encouragement myself. I have written letters to the guys in my small group-a seemingly simple task and yet every time I finish one I feel so drained. Ha. Clearly I was not made to be a writer. Again, don't get me wrong-I love those guys and I love sharing what is going on in my life, but when I finish, I can't help but think, "Does this mean anything? Am I writing these things just for myself-do the guys even read them?" I hate to think that the letters serve no means of support for the guys.

The other day I received a text from one of the guys to whom I write; he said how thankful he was for the letters and how much he appreciated the encouragement, especially the scripture verses included with the letters. It invigorated me and encouraged me in my ministry for these guys-remembering that God works through even the simplest of things.

Kairos-defining moments, no matter how simple they may seem,

David A. Bell