Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Saint Boniface

So, I recently visited Belmont Abbey with some of my classmates and whilst I was there I was encouraged by one classmate in particular to do some study on Saint Boniface. I told her I would and that I might even blog about what I learned; so here it is:

While he is the patron saint of Germany, he was actually born in Devon, England. Also, he got involved in the church against his father's wishes(something I see recurring in a great deal of renowned religious figures' lives). One story that I found to be particularly intriguing (partly because it dealt with Thor and I am a HUGE fan of Marvel comics and Thor is a character in those comics....anyway.....)was one in which he planned to chop down a tree that had been dedicated to Thor. He called upon Thor to strike him down with lightning; however, when he started chopping the tree down and nothing happened, all the people there converted to Christianity. Finally, the last piece of info I would like to include involves the day that is dedicated to his feast: Saint Boniface's feast day is celebrated on June 5 in the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, and the Anglican Communion and on December 19 in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

It was kind of interesting learning a little something about someone I probably would never have otherwise investigated. So, thank you Amy, for that challenge. But, as is increasingly becoming the case in these blogs, I would to challenge all of you guys to research a historical person for the sheer fun of it and see what you learn about them. It doesn't have to be a Christian figure, but preferably it is a person who you don't really have a background knowledge from which to build.

Later, gator


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