Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My 20th Post

Hey, well guys I hit a mile stone I didn't think I would, I have maintained this blog for 20 posts-a huge accomplishment for me! I know, that's lame, but sometimes you gotta take what you can get, right?

So tonight was the Christmas verge and it was probably my favorite verge of the semester-not because it was Christmas themed, because honestly, there wasn't that much Christmas involved in it. But I really enjoyed the more peaceful atmosphere and the fact that we sang some of my favorite hymns-it was really good. Well, afterword, I sat down and began to reflect, as I almost always do after the Verge and one of my friends came and sat beside me and we talked about random things for a while, discussing the songs of the verge and the scarf she was wearing.

However, at one point she turned to me and asked, "From where do you seek acceptance?" I thought for sure I had misheard her, this question was coming from out of nowhere and was penetrating to some deep stuff in my life. I asked, "What did you say?" She replied, "From what do you seek to get acceptance, or rather from whom?"

Ok, this was crazy! This had been on my mind for a really long time and there was NO WAY that she knew that. How was it that she so nonchalantly asked this question? So, I asked (before answering), "What made you ask that question?" She turned to me, smiled and said, "I don't know, it just kind of popped into my head." Ok, God I get it.

Ok, so I was going to go into a little depth and talk about some stuff, but honestly I don't feel comfortable just pouring that stuff out all over the internet. So, if you want to hear about what's going on in my life, ask me. Whether it be person-to-person or for those who read my blog from greater distances than just one building to another, send me a facebook message or call me. Or just be in prayer for me. Honestly, it doesn't matter whether or not you care to know about my crazy life-I would just really appreciate your prayers.

Earlier today I was helping to set up for the Christmas verge and we were hanging lights on some of the doors. Well, we had tape, but no scissors. One of the other guys there had a pocket knife in his pocket. I was in charge of cutting the tape to help hang up the lights. Here's how the conversation went down:

Me: Hey, Brad, can you hand me your pocketknife?
B: (distracted while trying to hang up lights) Just tear the tape.
Me: (trying, in vain, to rip the tape)That isn't really working that well.
B: Well, just bite it.
Me: Ok...(bites into the tape and it rips apart-leaving a little bit behind in my mouth) well, that worked and I get a special treat! Tape in my mouth!
Mindy: Haha...gross!
Rebekah: Ewww! Saliva is one of the worst things in the world!
(Talk of this nature goes on for a little while...)
R: Now I have David slobber all over me! Your DNA is all over my hands.
Me: You should feel honored. Not many people can boast about such a blessing.

A funny story, yeah? But also a little life lesson tucked away in there. How often do we go through life picking up little pieces of people and carrying them with us throughout the day, week, semester, whatever. It is funny to think about Rebekah going through the day with my DNA all over her hands (although, I was informed later in the evening that she scrubbed really hard to ensure she got all traces of me off), but I can't help but think about how often I take on the problems of concerns of other people and let them absorb into my person. Becoming, essentially, a part of who I am.

But there again, I also see that it is important that we be able to draw a distinction and much like Rebekah be able to clean ourselves of those things and start fresh, giving the concerns over to God and trusting Him to handle it. I mean if I walk around all the time with someone else's "DNA" all over me, how will people know who I am?

My challenge for today? Love. Demonstrate, in some palpable fashion, genuine love for someone in your life. Write them a letter; give them a call; take time to just sit and be with them. Be willing to love someone for who they are and for who they are in God's sight.

I am thankful for my friend, Amy Stickler, who has, on two separate occasions today, brought a smile to my face. Thank you, Amy.

Later, gator



  1. Great post--very well integrated story, lesson and challenge! I'm thankful for you too, David. Although I'm not entirely sure what I did so right yesterday, I've decided to work on emulating it. With any luck, we'll be best friends in no time :-) You want prayer? You got it.

  2. Normally with really-long blogs I stop reading half-way through (feel free to insert nasty comments about my attention span here... or about how I can write long blogs but not read them... sticks and stones) but this one kept my attention all the way through. Nicely done.
    I liked the songs last night, and when I noticed it was an acoustic set I figured you probably would, too. :-)
    <>< Katie