Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall. I'll be there for you, like I been there before.

I came to a depressing realization the other day. I imagine you are probably curious what that realization was (well, even if you aren't I'm gonna expound on it anyway-feel free to stop reading if you don't care to know). I was walking along the quad and thinking about friendships and former students of GWU, yada yada. Well, as I thinking about this, I was like, "Man, I wish friendships were like they were on TV. The friends of 'Friends' were great friends for all those years," That's when the realization hit me-"but even after ten years those friends went their separate ways and started lives apart from one another."

Even the sparkling Hollywood version of friendship comes to an end, what hope is there for us average Americans? I don't know. As most of you know I am sort of a 'friendship junkie', I need my fix of people if I am to make it through. My absolute biggest fear is to be alone and have no friends.

"Don't worry, David, you're never alone if you have Jesus!" Well, thanks. That makes it all better. But seriously, I am so glad that Jesus is a part of my life and I know that in times of sadness and loneliness I can turn to Him, but I like to have other people here on Earth with whom I can talk.

But I guess the silver lining is, that just because friends leave, it doesn't mean they have to depart from your life. Case in point, my friend Spaz. I haven't seen her in like 4 years, but we still have conversations and talk (not nearly as much as we should, or I would like).

So I guess friendships don't have to end, as long as you are willing to put forth the effort to keep the friendship alive.

Later, gator


p.s. I didn't realize how many people on campus are fans of 'Kingdom Hearts'. Go figure


  1. You are so right David. I just love my friends but it is true that some are only with us for a season. Still, my college roomie and I remain close; my bff from high school and I just emailed the other day; and I just got off the phone with someone I've been friends with since I was an infant (okay, it was my sister). Friends. For me they are a whole lot like Jesus. . .well, except they have skin (and are ya know, well, not really offsprings of the almighty in the literal sense).

  2. I was just thinking about this yesterday, David. The great friendships I've formed across campus and wondering how they'll continue after graduated. Five years from now we'll all be spread across the country again. Will we visit each other on a regular basis or will our friendship be reduced to an oligatory Christmas card every few years? Either way, the people God has placed in my life right now are who I need at this point in time. Five years from now, the cast of my life's characters will have changed but likewise they'll be who I need at that point in time. However, I hope the current cast stay because I kinda like them. :-)
    <>< Katie

  3. I hope I can post a comment without having a blogspot account.

    I love kingdom hearts. And your blog. And you.